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About me

I'm a Brussels based PhD Researcher with a multidisciplinary background. My research lies at the intersection of political economy, population growth, migration and urban studies. I'm currently working on a research project about migration and Malthusian thinking. This project fits in the broader interdisciplinary research project ‘Cities & Newcomers’ at the VUB. The focus of this project lies on the relationship between perceived population growth and pressure, (economic) development and international migrations on the one hand and the political and public discourse about migration on the other.

Expertise: Population Growth, Political Economy, Malthus, Migration Policy, Multilevel Governance, Policy Analysis, Discourse & Narrative Analysis

Key Research Interests: Demography, Economic Development, Migration Policy, Urbanization

I'm a member of

- BCUS Brussels Center for Urban Studies

- BIRMM Brussels Interdisciplinary Research Center for Minorities & Migration

- Imiscoe Migration Research Hub

My Publications

My Publications


Auteur(s): Ilke Adam, Tundé Adefioye, Serena D’Agostino, Nick Schuermans and Florian Trauner

ISBN: 9789057189944

Currently working on following articles

- Malthusian Fears in Current Migration Debates

- The Global Compact for Migration and Malthus’ persisting influence

- Beyond the narratives: Unraveling the European Pact on Migration

- Malthus in Between Nation States, Cities and Newcomers

My latest projects

My Latest Projects


Urban Incubator

I'm the founder of Urbanpreneurs where I act as a facilitator of the creation of innovative, sustainable business solutions to pressing urban problems.

Certified in Resilience Coaching (by the Brussels Capital Region) for companies and organizations, I identify profitable opportunities for their activities by integrating sustainability and circularity.

Entrepreneurship focused on addressing

quality of life in cities!

#circulareconomy #economictransition #sustainability

Women In Urbanism

Inclusive cities need women in leadership

Every public space has been designed thinking about what men needed and used to do when participating in the public sphere. Our societies have changed, our cities not.

When planning our cities to be inclusive, it can’t be reduced to street lightning or gender balance of names of public spaces nor the number of women architects working in design forms.

Yes, representation is more than necessary, it has a direct effect upon the urban form of our cities. But we need more, we need for women to be given the opportunity to lead in different ways.

Social Responsability

Social Responsability

I'm a member of the Human Rights Council of the City of Ghent.

As an external advisor, I coach university college students with their bachelor thesis.

  • Soumaya Majdoub
  • Soumaya Majdoub
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